Sunday 9/23

Tomorrow, 9/23 from 10:00 ~ 12:00 the Cemetery Restoration Partnership and Clark’s Cemetery Restoration crews will be in First Parish repairing a Dolliver headstone and in Clark’s work will be righting Anderson monument.  Please stop by to say Hi, volunteer for any amount of time you have, or to ask questions about what is going on in theses old cemeteries.

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Great Day in the Grave Yards

What a great day in the grave yards!  There were two crews working today, one in First Parish and another in Clark’s.  In Clark’s the volunteers were guided by the professionals from Mount Pleasant Memorials.  There is no doubt that without their guidance and experience the 1,980 pound Josiah Stevens monument would not be vertical again, proudly resting on its base. 

The second crew located several Revolutionary War Veterans’ graves. Two of them are nothing but stubs of markers in a base. William Dolliver’s family stones were dug out of the sod and evaluated for repair and resetting.  The base was located, but may not be usable.  Next week we will make more progress on these stones.  A new base can either be manufactured or Mount Pleasant Memorials may have one that will work.  One of the tall tablet monuments was also straightened.  The whole back area seems to be populated with patriot graves.  An area well worth restoration!

The crew: Sandy Barry, John & Chris Maney, Rick Fraelick, John McNally, Russell & Melissa Hobbs, and my wife Kathy.

A special thank you goes the Mount Pleasant Memorial crew of: John & Julie Nicastro, their son Jeremy and employee Eli Coffin.  One memorable moment was Eli’s ear to ear grin when the monument was resting on its base.  It was a pure feeling of satisfaction!

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Sunday 9/16 Clark’s Cemetery Event

This Sunday, starting at 10:00 AM, volunteers from the Cemetery Advisory Committee, Clark’s Cemetery restoration crew, and the Cemetery Restoration Partnership will be working in Clark’s to right what we believe is the Josiah Stevens, Jr. monument.  Josiah is a Civil War Veteran and has been knocked down for several years.  The monument weighs approximately 1,980 pounds.  Stop by and watch our crew at work, learn about Clark’s Cemetery or spend time volunteering.  

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First Parish Burial Ground Work Party 9-9-18

The temperature was cool.  We started out with seven volunteers and finished the day a 2:00 PM with five workers.  We were able to right five headstones and the Trask monument was finished.  The CRP’s next workshop will be Sept, 16th starting at 10:00 AM and going to 12:00 PM or whenever you need to leave. 

Volunteers: John McNally, Jodie Swenson, Sandy Barry, Russell & Melissa Hobbs, and Rich & Kathy Clark    

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Work Party 9/2

It was a good day and the small crew and got a lot done.  We finished repairing the Trask Monument and straightened two headstones and the bottom of Trask Hill. 

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