Confused Family Lines

The consanguinity of Cape Ann/New England is quite intriguing to me.  Old families are connected to each other in more ways than my mind can comprehend.  Yesterday we had a meeting in Rockport at the Old First Parish Burial Ground.  While talking about the family there Kathy informed me the daughter Judith Clark married her fourth cousin Ebenezer Clark.

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Today doing research Kathy provided yet another path of how her first husband’s early New England family intermixed with mine.  My stepdaughters’ tenth great grandfather’s grandson married my widowed ninth great grandmother.  She was Margaret Page Moulton Sanborn.  He was Lieutenant John Sanborn, grandson of Reverend Stephen Bachiler.  I know there must be a country song titled “My Stepdaughters Are Also My Cousins”. 

These facts make me think my DNA is in a circular pattern. 

Below is an excerpt from one of Dana Story’s books on the topic of families intermarrying.

Growing Up in a Shipyard

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