Septuagenarians Are Efficient.

Members of the Cemetery Advisory Committee and the Cemetery Restoration Partnership have been busy in the First Parish Burial Ground. A shout out to Kathy Clark and John Maney for spending hours cutting down and removing many cherry tree bushes throughout FP. These two septuagenarians are efficient. 

These two septuagenarians are efficient!
What Kathy & John got done.

About Richard Clark

Retired USAF, Teacher, Computer Geek, Boat Nut, Fisherman, Cemetery Restoration. Cemetery restoration Training by: May 2016 Ta Mara Conde of Historic Gravestone Services. ~ June 2017 Jason Church of NCPTT, Moss Rudley NPS, Jon Appell of Atlas Preservation, and Rusty Brenner ofTexas Cemetery Restoration LLC. ~ August 2018 Moss Rudley NPS, Jon Appell of Atlas Preservation INC.
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