About CRP

The Cemetery Restoration Partnership (CRP) is a group of skilled and unskilled volunteers who work in the forlorn and shabby historical cemeteries of Gloucester, Massachusetts.  They clean up trash and work on seriously overgrown brush like Japanese knotweed, volunteer choke cherry trees, and poison ivy.  They clean, repair and restore all sorts of monuments.  Some are ancient slate tablets that are leaning or broken, some are large multileveled monuments that have fallen over, some are the grave markers of our respected veterans.

From late spring to early fall, work goes on three or four times in a week in Clark’s Cemetery and First Parish Burying Ground. Sometimes it is a work party of one and sometimes there are four or five dedicated workers.  As our membership increases we will schedule work for the other neglected old cemeteries.

The love of history and respect for those have gone before us motivate us.  One stone at a time, one small patch of weeds at a time.  The CRP needs volunteers to support many functions.  We need, photographers, monument documenters, researchers, transcribers, and so on. 

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